Go Global Logistics in Manchester, New Hampshire - Great company


Great company, very professional. I called after reading the other review, they said that guy was trying to import illegal goods and he was pissed they would not work with them.

They were very professional with me, hard to reach, but only because they seem very busy being one of the only companies specializing in small business. When I finally got someone, they really took the time to understand my needs, and made sure my shipment went off without a hitch.

I would definitely work with them again in a heart beat! They are a life saver for small businesses!

Go Global Logistics



very poor service

unethical business practices

AG looking into them

BBB looking into them

If you are looking for an import/export customs clearance broker..don't use these guys...totally clueless.

2-3hrs of constant calling finally rose someone...asked some questions person hung up My wife called them for hours..someone answered and hung up.

no receipt for services..shipment locked on docks due to inaction by go global logistics. The best way to describe my experience with Go Global logistics would be that it was a complete disaster.

My shipment currently sits in a warehouse racking up storage fees..waiting go global to do their job

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